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This may be for you if:

  • you were so busy planning or running your business you haven’t had time to focus on a site
  • you want to save time and provide a better experience for your audience
  • you want to introduce your team, affiliates and partners
  • you want to display past work or project details
  • you want to share press appearances
  • you need a way for people to contact you or get involved
  • you need hands on consulting to plan your digital debut
  • you want clarity on digital strategy  
  • you may benefit from  visual direction and/or graphic design services

Welcome to the official website conversation. We’re here to support you while you dive into what you need to get your business the digital platform it needs to grow.

Here's how it'll start

You fill us in on your current situation, what you love and what needs to happen ASAP for you to have some peace of mind. 

You can expect to discuss:

you may or may not already have an old website that needs to be updated. if you do we can use this as a great starting point. if not that’s okay, we will find references!

this generally includes but is not limited to your:

logo(s)*,  color palette, typography, graphic elements, & high quality media*

*you may have one logo to start with but we suggest it’s best to have a primary logo, secondary logo, & alternate logo*

*we want professional grade photography or videography, stock is fine but make sure you have the correct licensing rights*

we’re planners and we know a website can do just about anything these days. zooming out to see your wildest dreams for your project helps us think big.  

then we regroup and take note of what goals we can chunk and accomplish to get there. as we complete smaller steps along the way, we keep the big picture in mind. 

at the end of our call we’ll review all the information, and suggest which services or packages we believe would best fit your project needs.

once we decide on your favorite option to move forward, we’ll send over a proposal for you to review & we’ll pencil you into our schedule with all the other cool kids. 


Want to know more about our process?

Madison is an intuitive, digital strategist and web designer for Enlightened Design Studio. She will confidently guide you through our proven 6 step framework. Together you will unlock your personalized game-plan for your brand’s up-level:

We’ll have time to collaborate and do a deep overview of your brand’s core foundation & concept in a 90-minute in-depth brainstorming session.

Your next stop will be in the Visual Department.

Whether you need a refresh or a total re-haul Rebecca is our very talented, fresh graphic designer & illustrator. She will get your brand’s creative direction on track through value map, essential vibes, and visual elements. 

Then we collaborate on our 90-minute in-depth brainstorming session.

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